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14505 Kestral Ct,
Woodbridge, VA 22193


10:00am To 21:00pm
Sunday Closed


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DANGER, CAN CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH!!! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WORK ON SPRINGS WITHOUT PROPER KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE AND TOOLS! Garage Door Springs are the most common and important garage door repair. Their function is to do the heavy lifting of the 200 - 1,000 pound Garage Doors to make them balanced and liftable for the Automatic Garage Door Opener and yourself. Without Garage Door Springs your Garage Door cannot function. If your Garage Door Springs are broken, leave it to the professionals. At Local Garage Doors, we offer high quality springs at affordable prices. Our local, friendly technicians will exceed all of your expectations. LOCAL GARAGE DOORS can fix your Garage Door Springs TODAY.

Automatic Garage Door Opener Repair

With proper, regular maintenance, inspection and care, Automatic Garage Door Openers are usually very reliable and safe. As with any mechanical device, sometimes things happen that can cause problems, resulting in the need for a garage door opener repair or service. Some incidents that can occur which may result in needing a Garage Door Opener Repair: -Internal Gears are stripped -Defective circuit boards -Electrical issues -Broken chain links -Bent rails -Doors get closed down on unforgiving items -Things get caught in the track or cable systems -Vehicles run into the door -May be a general wear and tear problem -May be a general maintenance issue ANY of these listed incidents can cause problems with the Automatic Garage Door Opener System. LOCAL GARAGE DOORS can fix your Automatic Garage Door Opener TODAY.


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